If there hasn't been a university study on the psychological and sociological benefits of playing the ukulele, now might be a good time - and Victoria Vox could be the Test Case.”

— Ukulele Magazine

Victoria Vox - the one woman band

With a passion for songwriting, Victoria Vox began writing songs when she was ten. She furthered her music education at the Berklee College of Music, as a vocal principle with an emphasis in Songwriting. A few years after graduating, Vox took up the ukulele. Her music style shifted to chanson tinged with jazz, which, over the years, has settled in nicely with her pop songwriting flair. With 10 albums under her belt (as an unsigned artist), Victoria continues to grow and hone her craft. She's very personable on stage, though a bit shy at times, she's goofy and engaging, with a lot of humility. But as soon as she opens her mouth to sing, the emotion and inspiration pour out of her melodic and cleverly written songs. 

To keep touring expenses reasonable, Vox has often found herself performing solo. This has helped her developed her rhythmic ukulele playing style (to give herself her own back-beat drum) and she has also perfected her popular "Mouth Trumpet", under the influence of trumpet icon, Chet Baker. The Mouth-Trumpet has enabled her to take vocal improvisational solos without scatting or using words. Depending on the setting, she pairs the rhythmic uke and mouth trumpet with her electronic-looping skills (to create ostinato bass lines and harmonies) while creating a full sound, atypical to the stereotype of "ukulele music". 

Her 10th album, Colorful Heart, is consistently eclectic, as her previous albums, however, a new sound is achieved in her songwriting. Anything is possible with a ukulele, and Victoria Vox is proof. 

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Colorful Heart

Victoria Vox

"Colorful Heart" is the 2018 release from ukulele sweetheart, Victoria Vox. Eclectic as ever, Vox dips into pop, rock, jazz, world, and "Disney". Vox co-produced the record with pianist, Hal Ratliff, and the result is magical. All of the songs, except Wildwood, were composed on the ukulele. Wildwood, however, was written on her grandparents wonky and out of tune player piano. Luckily, Hal recut the piano for the track. :)

This album satisfied Vox's inner child, as she pulled from many artists who have influenced her throughout the years: Laurie Anderson, Dar Williams, Bob Marley, Chet Baker, Disney movies, and 80's pop music in general.

With the help of Hal, and some talented musician-friends, Vox was able to pull it all off. Pre-production and recording happened from January - September 2017. The album was mixed in Brooklyn, NY by Victoria's previous producer, Mike Tarantino, and mastered by Rachel Field in Seattle, WA.

It's a fun, upbeat, whimsical, and dreamy album, easy to play on repeat.
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  1. 1 Colorful Heart 02:58 Info Download
  2. 2 Out on the Rails 02:16 Info Download
  3. 3 Kick It Back 03:40 Info Download
  4. 4 Only Time Will Tell 03:13 Info Download
  5. 5 Same Dirt 04:06 Info Download
  6. 6 Daytime Moon 03:20 Info Download
  7. 7 Sounds of Summer 03:44 Info Download
  8. 8 Harmony 02:35 Info Download
  9. 9 Tugboat 03:12 Info Download
  10. 10 Wildwood 04:43 Info Download

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