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Vox is a romantic, a poet, and a ukulele lover, and [When the Night Unravels] is an album you’ll share with friends—whether they like ukulele or not. - Ukulele Magazine

“Supermoon” has you falling in love before the first minute of the track is through, with snaps and a smooth melody, prepping you for more Motown-inspired harmonies on the rest of the album. Vox’s ability to build these compositions around her ukulele creates a relaxed album that’s calming and sexy. There is so much honesty within the album’s musical and lyrical composure, that it’s impossible not to get sucked in. - WhatWeekly

The ukulele makes for first-rate accompaniment alongside Vox’s superior “mouth-trumpet” skills. - Ukulele Magazine

[Vox’s] soulful-ukulele shatters all preconceived (and ill-informed) notions about ukuleles and their underrated capabilities as an instrument. - WhatWeekly

Superbly crafted uke-pop… proving that the diminutive four-string guitar is capable of being much more than a novelty instrument. - R2 Rock'N'Reel

An undercurrent of toughness, a beautiful voice, great melodies and loads of charm make her unique folk/pop music impossible to resist.  - Vintage Guitar Magazine