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Green Heart:  $60 - CD + Organic Tee + PDF "Colorful Heart" songbook for ukulele

Pick a color, any color :)

We've all heard of kickstarter. I love kickstarter, but for this very special 10th album, I wanted to do things a little differently, as in, how I used to do things. It's just you, me, and Paypal :) 

Some of you may know I got married on April 1, 2016, and moved from Baltimore (MD) to Costa Mesa (CA) that June, but didn't really get "here" until August... Up until December that year, I was working on a handful of songs for compilation albums, and finally this past January, was able to start working on MY NEW ALBUM!

I've gone through so much since the release of my last album, which came out in 2015. A new personal plateau has been reached. The coolest thing about this album for me is that I got to be there from the beginning. My husband, Jack, introduced me to his musical friend, Hal Ratliff, who is a phenomenal piano player, but also does some recording in his home (garage) studio.

I showed up the first day and Hal says, "So, what'dya want to work on?".  I didn't have a set list of songs that were going to be on this record. There were about 18 to pick from, but each day we went in I solely went off my gut and we would record the song that had been on my mind. Of course, there were some songs we attempted but a few hours in, I would change my mind.  For the first part of the year, Hal and I would meet about once a week to work on these songs in pre-production. Pre-production is where we figure out how the song is going to sound, vibe-wise. We figured out what instrumentation we might like to use, the tempo and the feel. My heart was (and is) in a good place. It's been a long time since I've laughed so much in the studio. This album was a joy to make. Hal listened to my crazy and weird ideas. Sometimes they worked... sometimes not so much!

My inner child has been satisfied. I wasn't afraid to look to the artists I love, or the sounds I love, and learn from them, or even borrow from them. Influences (that I can think of) on this new record are: Laurie Anderson, Bob Marley, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Edith Piaf, Bjork, Wilco, Tom Waits, Bruce Hornsby, Chet Baker, and Cyndi Lauper.

Songs that I thought would sound one way, in the process of recording, ended up coming out completely different. I love that. This album is whimsical, magical, fun, eclectic, empowering, and most importantly, serves of each song.

When we started, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Now, with 2 days left to finish up some vocals and tidy up the files (before sending it off for mixing), I have nothing but pure excitement and joy for this album. Although it's co-produced by myself and Hal, I've asked Mike Tarantino (the producer of 3 of my earlier albums: Jumping Flea, Chameleon, and Exact Change) to mix this record. I'm so happy he's able to do it. I trust his ear and have always loved working with him.

Now, let's talk about the songs! The songs on this record were written from 2009 - 2016. All but one of them was composed on my ukulele. Some of these are songs never saw the light of day. Some I've played out, but never had a studio recording of. Some are recently written, and others have been re-written. These are the songs that I could never forget about. In a way, these songs have already stood the test of time.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT in this crazy career. Thanks for getting me to NUMBER 10.