Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you play the ukulele?

I was given a ukulele in 2003 and decided it might be a good idea to really learn it. I bought a beginner ukulele book and immediately was inspired by it's sweet tone and rhythmic potential. I practiced at home, but never played it publicly. One day my mom suggested that I play it at my shows (which I played the guitar). After giving every excuse in the book of why I shouldn't, she then bought me a uke (with a pick-up for amplification) and there was nothing else I could say. I began permorming 2 - 3 ukulele songs during my set. From the first strum, the room would lighten up and everyone was smiling. Eventually, people started asking about a ukulele album. I recorded my first uke album in 2005: Victoria Vox and her Jumping Flea.