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From the cover of the Spring Issue of Ukulele Magazine to the front page of The Wall Street JournalVictoria Vox is making appearances everywhere—and rightly so. The artistry of her performances is both unique and endearing, captivating an incredibly diverse audience and drawing even the least musical of folks into her harmonious web. Originally from Green Bay WI, via Baltimore MD, she is newly based out of Costa Mesa CA, but tours across the USA and internationally at venues and festivals which celebrate original music, French music, and/or the ukulele. 

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Vox is a romantic, a poet, and a ukulele lover,
and [When the Night Unravels] is an album you’ll share with friends—
whether they like ukulele or not.
- Ukulele Magazine

An undercurrent of toughness, a beautiful voice, great melodies
and loads of charm make her unique folk/pop music impossible
to resist. 
- Vintage Guitar Magazine

[Vox’s] soulful-ukulele shatters all preconceived (and ill-informed)
notions about ukuleles and their underrated capabilities as an instrument.
- WhatWeekly